Friday, December 02, 2005

More Media Bias and a GLC Award from OMMAG

Well here we go with more blatant Liberal Media Bias!
Go See for Yourself.......


The Globe & Mail: Harper's negative image hurts positive message

Taken From Friday's Globe and Mail Go see It !

Today the Globe & Mail and CTV published results of an opinion poll that they or something called “Strategic Council” paid for.

Like past media sponsored polls the results provide a convenient appearance of support for the Liberal POV!

The new poll result provides the anti – conservative headline and buzz that “Harper has a negative image” with the subtext that “ Canadians Don’t Trust Harper”.

No mention is made of how the poll was conducted or what questions asked or how they were framed!

Wasn’t it “The Strategic Council” that produced the chestnut of “Harper is Scary” last time around?

And wasn’t it the “Strategic Council” that produced a poll about a month ago that came up with figures that claimed The Liberals enjoyed better than 45% of the popular vote in Western Canada! And that the BQ got as much as 18% Outside Quebec!

I’m handing out a GLC award to Bell GlobeMedia and whatever/whoever the hell is the “Strategic Council”!

Note: GLC = Giant Load of Crap


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