Monday, December 05, 2005

Sniffing out "The Strategic Counsel"

Well after spending quite a while looking for info on "The Strategic Counsel" I finally got to the source of my dilemma! It did not help that the Globe&Mail misspelled Counsel as Council several times.......but the play on words does make sense.

After an e-mail exchange with Columnist Charles "Chuck" Adler it was him who tipped me off to Allan Gregg!

Now Allan is the "Chair" of the group : The Strategic Counsel is the exclusive supplier of public opinion research for the Globe and Mail and CTV. Copies of results of our monthly polling, along with our analysis and insights are posted at the Website:

© 2005 Gregg, Kelly, Sullivan & Woolstencroft: The Strategic Counsel

(Not to be confused with "Strategic Counsel" a California based legal and advisory services company!)

And, for ongoing insights from chair, Allan Gregg, you can visit his website at

So..... to satisfy my curiosity about this company and its members I started doing some more research!
Well not surprising the links between BGM and Mr.Gregg who founded "The Strategic Counsel" go a little bit beyond just the polling business! Check out his bio at Apparently Mr. Gregg has become a Guru of sorts in the area of Creating Consensus of Public Opinion.

I guess one way of doing that is to use a Mainstream Media provider like BellGlobeMedia(BGM) to constantly hammer away at the publics perceptions of people or events. You know kind of like the continuous Anti-Conservative messages that come from The Globe & Mail or CTVNews!

Now I am not saying that Mr. Gregg is the source of the message but I do believe that whatever the intent of his public opinion research...the practice of BGM is to keep hammering away at that drum!

So I would be interested in hearing Allan Gregg's own interpretation of the information being provided to his clients.




Anonymous freethinca said...

"Sniffing out the Strategic Counsel" is aptly titled because it stinks. Stephen Harper's image will be slowly and methodically destroyed, as was Joe Who, Doris Day, etc. What the heck would CTV and the Globe use to create stories without skewed polls as a major source of material? The range of journalistic accountability from MSM bottoms out at the same low levels of liberal credibility. Questionable polls and conclusions seem to be popular for the media in shaping public opinion through the lazy manufacturing of cheap and (sl)easy headlines.
The obvious bias raises serious questions for me on how much sponsorship advertising money Mr. Gregg and the MSM received from the liberals through the past decade?

12/06/2005 3:29 a.m.  

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