Thursday, December 01, 2005

Those So Called Election Chestnuts

The link provided points to recent observations by Charles Adler.
Chuck is an iconoclastic reporter and commentator who Writes for Sun Publishing and has a syndicated Radio Show as well as local TV talk show in Winnipeg.
Chuck Likes To Call Em' As He Sees Em'........ so he has told me!
And I tend to agree that is how it stands for the most part. I believe that Chuck knows BS when he hears it and I know he is not afraid to call it what it is!

This article by Charles Adler refers to what he calls "Chestnuts" a reference I admit to not completely understanding. However he seems to be saying that there are certain ideas tossed out by politicians and others that need to be examined more closely. These chestnuts in fact are "not quite truths' that are used to feed an idea that really won't stand up to honest scrutiny. Instead the little lumps of BS that can be spun in the public mind as what we laughingly refer to as "Common" knowledge!

Example #1 - "Canadians don't want a Christmas Election" spun into "Canadians will blame Torries for Christmas Election"..... A perfect example of BS from politicians that the media has taken to the next level. Chuck has much to say about this but I will leave it there. It's BS and nothing more! A Chestnut if you will.
Example#2 - "Hidden Agendas" the idea that any particular politician has a so called hidden agenda seems to be easy to accept by most people. The facts are that if a politician says one thing and does another no one is ever really surprised. However, baseless assertions made by certain politicians Like Paul Martin that assume another will act or behave in a manner that is contrary to the public good are just Plain BS! I could go on about this but lets just agree with Chuck and call this hidden agenda thing another chestnut. It is a fabrication of a politician
(who has proven himself untrustworthy) that in turn has been taken to the next level by the media.

Other Chestnuts In Play:
- Last years Beauty - Harper Scary - Respun this year
- Conservatives Can't be trusted - Look whos talking! - By the way I'm Conservative and I can be Trusted more than Paul Martin! I am really tired of being insulted by politicians!
- Conservatives are Risky! - Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?
- Harper is Less Patriotic! - Otherwise spun as Martin is more patriotic! - what a load! Martin Is so patriotic that he insults Veterans as well as most Canadians while operating a business as an offshore holding Called Canadian Steamships while flying Not the Canadian Maple Leaf but the flag of an East African country. All Allow the Avoidance Canadian Laws and Taxes! Some Patriot!
This could go on for ever..........
I'll stop here for now and let you be the judge. Are you above the BS? or Not?


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