Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Election Leads to Tory Minority For Nation

Well I can't say that I'm really pleased about the overall results!
However, My own riding of Winnipeg South was really a nailbiter with second time challenger Rod Bruinooge squeaking by incumbent and now former cabinet minister Reg Alcock.
Alcock basically blew his campaign with a poor showing locally in the hustings and local debates.
With time spent away from the riding helping other Liberals he left the door open for Bruinooge.
Not that Bruinooge is in for sure at this point because the margin was so low its open for a recount. I hope he will be able to maintain a healthy profile and earn a return in the inevitable next election.

The big picture though is somewhat disturbing with one question ringing in my ears.
That question being, Why do the people in major urban centres continue to elect these Liberal clowns? And what the hell is going on in Vancouver where over half the voters tossed up Hedy Frey and Sven Robinson? It boggles the mind.

Oh well.... the people have spoken!

More on the behaviour of Mainstream Media in the post election coverage.

For today I'd like to give the producers at CTV a slap for their blatant post election cheerleading and focus on Liberals. Their coverage today has been all liberal and interviews all liberals. What a travesty!


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