Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Great to Be Back! Welcome to 2006

So what happened over the Christmas season?

I did see one encouraging development and that was the " ITSCAM " becoming an election issue.

Will this be the last straw for the PR love affair the MSM has for the LIberal Party?

  • Well it took them over a month to get the fact that this is a real story!
  • Unfortunately, I noticed a tendancy of the MSM talking heads to take a defensive or appologist stance when covering the story.
  • They are playing the angle that there is an RCMP investigation ( I'm not impressed about this because as far as I know there is no law against leaking government policy).
  • They are not clearly defining the story as " A breach of Ethics " issue which is the real nature of the beast!
  • I sense that there is an underlying strategy to difuse the impact of this story.
The MSM coverage so far has displayed:
  1. Wilfull ignorance of the evidence and underlying questions.
  2. Lack of attention paid to the outcries and questions of the public.
  3. Imprecise, Incomplete and uncritical coverage to date....at least that I have observed.
So whats new?


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