Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lots of Noise and NO Substance

I've been getting tired of the election campaign stuff.
I don't know if I'm alone but since I have a pretty strong interest in politics and especially in THIS election I think that there must be a lot of others who are getting burned out.

The problem seems to be that there is really nothing new to add to the story at this time.
  • All the positions seem to be out in the open
  • All the predictable attacks and smears seem to have been regurgitated
  • It's all starting to sound like a bunch of stuff where we've " Been there and done that already!"
  • Polls as usual are being rigged, misreported and misrepresented in the MSM
  • So Called "Debates" are as usuall meaningless events to provide politicians with stage to repeat themselves and MSM something to talk about ...thereby justifying their existence in some small way
  • Local campaigning has been pretty silent which means that incumbent Reg Alcock will probably slide into another term
Good news....
  • Harper has been getting the message out !
  • People in general seem to be tiring of Martin's BS
  • Blogosphere is thriving with lots of news breaks and some great POV
  • My Local Candidate Rod Bruinooge seems to have woken up finally!


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