Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mainstream Media Is Contributing to last Ditch Efforts of The Anti-Conservatives Left Wing

Have you noticed how many headlines and story lead ins are bashing Harper this week?

I just watched the most egregious example of this tacit support for the left on CBC this morning.
Buzz Hargrove was being interviewed about the election and given plenty of time to air his views.
And boy was he airing!

His diatribe against Stephne Harper and the Conservatives was full of fear mongering about supposed social conservatism, supposed anti-business views held by conservative politicians with claims among other things that the conservatives are bent on destroying the auto industry in Ontario. The low point of this disgusting display of fabrication and falsehoods was his claim that Harper was the head of a "Secret Society"!

That so called secret society being the National Citizens Coalition no less!
Making claims that no one knows who was paying Harper in his capacity as head of the NCC and that this implies that Harper is bought and paid for ny some nefarious forces and waiting to spring his secret and hiden agenda on Canadians. What a load of unmitigated BS.

Of course there is nothing to be concerned about when left wing politicians receive support from self interested trade and labout groups! Which is by the way one of the things that the NCC exists to counter. Oh yeah Buzz knows who his foes are! What he does not seem to get is that many Canadians see through his self serving BS.


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