Monday, January 16, 2006

Warren Kinsella Hits Homer!!

My favorite pet peeve is media bias and someone who knows a lot more than I do has just hit that topic out of the park today.

Warren Kinsella who I do not often agree with is very familiar with Canadian media and an insider of sorts to be sure. I share little of his love for the left wing view of the world but I do share his disdain for the bloatted hangers on to political movers that populate our national media.

In his "Musings" blog (see the link: ) he has absolutely defined the state of Canadian MSM on the relationship with with the LPC and especially outgoing PM Martin.
Although there are some comments made about the relative merits and reliability (bias wise) of certain Media organizations like CP, you can use this as a primer on how Canadian media has helped the Liberals horsnwoggle the public for the last 6 or so years.

I would go back further because unlike Warren K. I have no love for the Chretiennites or their leader. Neither would I ignore the history of Tory bashing that ran through Mulroney and Clark etal. But most of all lets not forget the crap that Trudeau got away with and the drum thumping bandwagon jumping cheerleading that went on throughout his "Reign". Yes the pompous prince, the Powerfull Pierre had so much positive and free PR spin that no one could ever have guessed he was not such a good thing. The sycophantic love for the LPC that grew out of those days was the sincure for the libs to this day.

However, we have now heard from someone with real "gravitas", a guy who is gifted with intellect and the ability to express himself and the message is chrystal clear!


Blogger TonyGuitar said...

I would say the MSM is now fully aware that bread will be buttered on the opposite side for some time to come.

It is reasonable then to abandon the red side of the slice in favour of the next wealthy advertiser holding the Blue side.

Self preservation, but I notice some genuinely shaky voices from time to time on CBC radio. TG

1/22/2006 9:51 p.m.  

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