Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Back to Politics and the Media…

Well let me tell you ……last night was a real eye opener for me.

I was out in Brandon MB, about 2 ½ hours west of Winnipeg for the day and headed home about 8:30 or so. In case you’ve never experienced this I’ll explain that you can’t get any FM stations on much of the Trans Canada Hwy. And these super powerful US AM stations come blasting out of the ether after dark. Without a satellite radio and left my mp3 player at home I was seeking the long wavebands of AM and latched onto one these powerhouse stations broadcasting out of the states.

Let me say this clearly “WOW”!

Talk about INTENSE! I was introduced to one of the icons of conservative talk radio in full RANT no less. In the dark of a winter night in the middle of the damned freezing prairies I get a walloping earful of no less than The Michael Savage. For two hours this guy got under my skin in every way possible. BUT he was able to make me think on every topic brought up.

Now in case you don’t know who or what this is, let me give you a picture.

Savage is the self proclaimed leader of the “SAVAGE NATION” .

Claims to be the Number One most listened to talk radio personality in the world.

Other conservative media commentators list him with conservatives they don’t like.

Self proclaimed conservative independent and NOT Republican.

Is quoted by politicians and media types.

Obviously self promoting and unapologetic, bombastic and straight ahead knows what he stands for.

I’ll tell you that a lot of this listening experience was the psychic equivalent of playing dodge ball with live hand grenades!

Now I cannot say that I know much about this guy other than he could be about the most intimidating radio commentator and host I’ve ever heard. I listened to him stomp all over just about every caller who got online with him. That was interesting enough and what seemed to set him off wasn’t disagreement so much as apparent waffling or weakness in the callers. Man he was on those people like a wolf pack on a baby lamb! But, with all the bombast and all the self promoting hoopla one thing came through loud and clear.

Savage is a very astute man with very keen vision. His focus on any issue is like a predators lock on prey that is about to become food.

Ok so what was it that Savage had to say? Basically I was hooked on a comment he made about Drudge and the Drudge report. Grandfather of bloggers and holder of many blood trophies for media scoops and busting BS in the MSM Drudge.

But Savage has called him as much of an anachronism as the MSM and made the point that by becoming mainstream in his own right Drudge and by implication other serious bloggers are loosing their edge. Food for thought!

Anyway in two hours or so I listened to Savage take apart a few very complex and serious issues with an astounding scalpel like logic. Some of his arguments seemed to be based on assumptions I don’t agree with and some with certain facts overlooked or dismissed but whose aren’t? He spent a lot of time and breath throwing darts at liberal myths ( real or imagined) and blasting some of the truly hypocritical hogs and blowhards in US politics. He debated honestly with at least one earnest and thoughtful caller ( this on the topic of US bases in the UAE). And he shredded some MSM BS.

Agree or disagree with him I have to say that he has the ability to put his arguments in clear context and make his point like a hammer driving home a spike. And challenging somebody to think is not a bad thing either. One thing for sure is that this guy is smart.

And really entertaining.


Blogger Bill said...

American talk radio hosts make their Canadian equivalents look like a bunch of pansies.

I have heard Michael Savage once or twice, but more often I will listen to Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham. Both conservative and both very good. And entertaining.

You can listen to any of the US talk shows via the internet.

3/02/2006 7:18 p.m.  

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