Monday, February 13, 2006

The Lampoon Jihad...A Messsage to Western Nations

To paraphrase Marshall McCluhan " The Media has Become The Message"!

What many fail to understand is that the drawings that are the focus of the international furor were innocuous lampoons that were not widely distributed and would have vanished into obscurity.

In and of themselves the drawings are meaningless!

That is until an Islamist troublemaker decided it would be a good idea to jack it up and try to get some reaction by directing the attention of Islamist hardcore types to them.

Next is an explosion of the usual manufactured outrage from the middle east.

Next is the apologist stance of western governments and institutions that are supposed to stand for something other than tyrannical theocratic ideology blackmail and threats give in to those things.

So through the Medium of Violence Threats and Moral Blackmail the message is clear.

“Western Nations are too cowardly and weak to respond.”

What you have seen is a propaganda victory for people who are sworn to the destruction of Western Civilization.

By not forcefully denouncing the actions of the islamists. By buying into the false hope that so called moderate muslims will speak out against or in any meaningful way counter the actions of the rabid jihadists.

(Remember that many of these so called moderates who have immigrated to our western nations did so because they either fear the Islamists and do not have the guts to stand up against them or that they wish to spread the poison.)

By allowing your politicians and institutions to wriggle of the hook and dodge the responsibility to speak out against this abomination , You allow the enemies of freedom to gain.

You can speak all you want of holding a morally superior position to creators and publishers of shallow and offensive works. Your morality does not matter to your enemies.

By all these acts or failures to act the Western World has given new empowerment to its enemies.

The people at the heart of this thing have no care for your Judeo / Christian tolerance and will only use it against you.

Frankly I see the kind of reasoning that leads to the condemnation of the authors as moral sophistry. This is intellectually and morally dishonest.

Especially when the original message was simple commentary on the excesses of the Islam.


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