Thursday, February 16, 2006

Moral Hypocrisy in MSM At Its Worst

Following the news this week it seems to me that for a group that consider themselves to be a righteous part of our society ( the 5th estate?) our mainstream news media are showing a remarkable lack of integrity.

Self editing their own work out of fear is a minor failure of principle, when compared to contributing to the attack on the few who dare to say what they will not. These spineless folks who failed to tell the story as it evolved and who now criticize those who did, have no right to claim any moral high ground. They continue to offend this writers sensibilities through the shameless misrepresentation of yet another controversial story.

The Canadian news magazine "The Western Standard" is attracting plenty of attention.
The magazine made a point of publishing the story of the Danish Muhammad caricatures and including copies of the controversial images.

Imagine that will you? Certain people would have us believe that this constitutes a crime.

This is of course preposterous and an abuse of our legal system when the complainants are clearly attempting use the legal tactic of accusing publishers of hate crimes as a form of retribution. Retribution for what? For accurately reporting the facts of a story that is being used by those same accusers, as a tool to further their goals of exerting their own religious beliefs on the rest of society.

Now the publisher of the Western Standard has attracted the attention of other self righteous interest groups. Click the link below to see the story of how Ezra Levant and the magazine the Western Standard are being attacked by Native Rights groups because they told the truth about comments made by certain people who oppose Ralph Klein.

Never mind of course that if this was not accurate , those people who made the alleged comments would be the ones taking legal action!


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