Thursday, February 09, 2006

US Deserters Should be Denied Refugee Status

So is there Finally a judge in Canada who will not be swayed by this nonsense?

These two Deserters are nothing more than criminals fleeing prosecution in their home country.
They expect us (Canadians) to shelter and protect them as if they were some kind of victims of persecution. What a load of crap!

The sooner these two gutless wonders get sent back to their native soil the better!

Story Excerpt Below:

Legality of Iraq war irrelevant to fate of two U.S. war dodgers, court hears

at 19:45 on February 8, 2006, EST.

TORONTO (CP) - The legality of the war in Iraq is irrelevant to whether Canada should extend asylum to two U.S. army deserters, since soldiers who flee just and legal wars are entitled to refugee status, court heard Wednesday.

Jeremy Hinzman and Brandon Hughey are asking a Federal Court judge to put their fight to remain in the country back before the Immigration and Refugee Board, which has already denied their claims.

Their lawyer contends the board made a mistake in refusing to consider evidence on the legality of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, but government lawyers said Wednesday those arguments "would be pointless."

"It wouldn't have assisted either applicant" as refugee status can be granted to so-called conscientious objectors to legal wars, said lawyer Marianne Zoric.

"(Hinzman and Hughey) are certainly entitled to their views, but not to refugee status as a result.

Justice Anne Mactavish reserved her decision following one day of arguments, saying "it's going to take me some time to give it the consideration it deserves."

Don't be surprised if this Politically Appointed judge plays true to her Liberal Type!



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