Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is it just me or are the MSM Getting Worse Lately?

Taking a look at other bloggers posts on the media and some current stories that they are trying to pass off as news, I have to wonder: What the hell are these jokers doing?

My last few posts link to some of this BS but I get the feeling that since the Election of the " Scary Conservatives" is a dead horse our usual suspects at the various MSM tools are going out of their way find SOMETHING to bolster their agenda of LIberal cheerleading and drum pounding for the Bandwagon of Left wing boosters. The anti-conservative rhetoric is ramping up too.

I think it behooves us in the Right Thinking Bloggosphere to spread the word and to keep up the pressure on these phonies!!
Thanks to Joannes Journey and Platty Talk for digging deeper into the YWCA BS.
ALSO: USS Neverdock, DustmyBroom, Jacks Newswatch AND all the usuall folks around the Blogging Torries.


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