Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I've Got News For You Larry !!

Try the Link....I belive that Larry Zolf is Out of His Freakin' Moonbat Mind!
Does he think that We Canadian Voters actually based our descisions on the output of his media chronies??

I've got news for you.....Harper has every right to keep you out of way.
You can watch the commons from the gallery and you can wait outside the building to ask questions. Parliament answers to the People Through the Parliament In the Commons! Not to you arrogant self serving flacks and hacks!


Excerpts from the CBC online Article....... by Larry Zolf

"From Harper�s extreme right-wing point of view, the media is indeed the enemy. But looking at the last election from a neutral perspective, Harper has it all wrong. In the 2006 campaign, the media had tired of Martin and hammered his government's record of corruption in the sponsorship scandal and the income-trust controversy."............

........... " LETTERS:

This is quite arrogant and unbelievable of Larry Zolf to surmise that the media elects Parliamentarians and Prime Ministers are mere puppets of these King makers, who will suffer an inglorious fate if the media decide to make it so.

Last time I checked, I the Citizen of this country elect a citizen of this country to be a parliamentarian and in turn to be the PRIME MINISTER. Since when have we surrendered our right to vote to you arrogant clowns in the liberal mass media

? —Ron Adriano | Ottawa "

Me TOO Ron....Me Too!


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