Thursday, March 02, 2006

McCartneys stage anti-sealing protest on ice floe in Gulf of St. Lawrence

AND Canadian Press is there to publicize it!

This is the kind of thing that Mainstream Media do that makes me freakin loose it!

First - the seal hunt is a non-issue and not freakin news!
Second- No body except celebrity obsessed idiots gives a shit what the McCartneys do!
Third- If this is being set ( which it is) up by the usual suspects like PETA or ALF or Greenpeace then why is the MSM NOT making that the story?

So basically CP and the rest of the MSM who are on this bandwangon are either too stupid to find some real news ( like there is not enough going on on the world!) OR too self serving to pass up a chance to glom on these useless posturing fools for the sake of some public atttention OR just complicit in supporting the ideology of the wingnut animal rights groups!

OR is that all of these?


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