Monday, March 20, 2006

Misinformation From the Nurse Nanny set and Truth from Islam!

Misinformation and BS :

Here's some from the YMCA and Courtesy of CP: This is why we don't go to the "Y" for economic policy advice!

Note..who has a vested interest in having their operations funded directly by the government!

Conservative child care strategy takes women out of workforce, critics say

at 12:10 on March 20, 2006, EST.

TORONTO (CP) - Women's groups say federal government changes to a national child care program would damage the economy by preventing many women from working.

The YWCA Canada blah blah blah .. women would be disproportionately affected .....blah....
.. Conservative move to scrap...blahblah... without more day-care spots and centres under the Liberal program, more women will have to stay home. ( OURIGHT LIE! )

They say it won't make sense for many mothers to work or go back to school when so much of their paycheques are lost to day-care expenses. ( BALONEY !)
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The YWCA argues removing more women from the workforce will reduce productivity in the Canadian economy.
Yeah Right! What they really mean is they want to get their hands on your tax dollars instead of you making the choice of how to spend your money.

NEXT: The TRUTH about ISLAMOFASCISTS an Interview with an Educated Muslim

Excerpts from the Western Standard March 16, 2006-03-16

Question Period: Irshad Manji

WS: How do you feel about the view that anyone who publishes the cartoons in Canada puts Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan at risk?

IM: Islamists have never needed an excuse like this in order to engage in violence. I've heard this argument about Iraq. If we don't send troops to Iraq, we will be immune to terrorism. Well, what was the Iraq debacle of 1993, when Islamists first tried to blow up the World Trade Center? What was the Iraq debacle of the year 2000 when Islamists attacked the USS Cole? Incidentally, that attack came right after U.S. military intervention saved millions of Muslim lives in Bosnia . . . Playing on the Islamists' terms has never been a solution to anything that we liberals, and I do call myself one, have cared about; namely, pluralism, human rights and equality.

ALSO: Go to Little Green Footballs ( use the LINK ) for updates on both Liberal revisionists and hypocritical behaviour in Academia ( Harvard ) as well as the ongoing EVIL in Islamic nations!



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