Wednesday, March 29, 2006

TO THE MSM...Its all About Credibility..You BLEW it!

The MSM are starting to 'Circle the Wagons' in their efforts to justify claims to credibility and an inalienable right to have unlimited access to our Government leaders!

Guess what Guys& Gals! You BLEW IT!
By refusing to report factually and accurately over the years.
By taking upon yourselves the position that you speak for the Canadian Public!
By consistently striving to support YOUR favorite POV rather than to understand OURS!
By consistently lowering the bar on public debate and quality of editorial analysis!
By putting the marketing of news media ahead of quality and integrity!
By basically becoming less relevent through an increasingly self serving and blatantly hypocritical approach to reporting events!

Get it through your heads Guys&Gals. Nobody trusts you anymore. Your Credibility is SHOT!

A Little excerpt and LINK to the CP story........

Media unions condemn 'frightening' Tory limits on journalists
at 14:50 on March 29, 2006, EST.

OTTAWA (CP) - Canada's two biggest media unions are condemning Prime Minister Stephen Harper for what they call "undemocratic" and "frightening" attempts to limit journalists' access to cabinet ministers.



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