Thursday, March 02, 2006

USS Neverdock Seems to be doing all my work

Several great pieces from USS Neverdock blog that cut to the chase on current MSM foibles.
It's like these publishers , editors and reporters think that no one ever checks what they say.

Check this out...from last June but srill relates to current events...

Taken from a USS Neverdock posting...
A Gallup poll shows America trusts its Military, Police and religious leaders far more than they trust the media.

And why not? The public are fed up with the lying liberal press attacking those who protects us, attacks like Newspaper Guild President Linda Foley's, unsubstantiated and slanderous claim that US troops target journalists. A similar unsubstantiated slanderous claim that cost Eason Jordon his job at CNN. The media learned from that debacle - learned to be silent on Foley.

Just take a look at this snapshot of the lying liberal press put together by Michelle Malkin.

Sy Hersh's fudge
AP: The hearings that hadn't started yet
AP and the crowd that didn't boo
Mitch Albom wasn't there
CBS: Rathergate, Obitgate
New Republic: Stephen Glass made it up
USA Today: Jack Kelley made it up
Boston Globe: Fake GI rape photos
Boston Globe again: Patricia Smith made it up; Mike Barnicle made it up
NYT: Jayson Blair wasn't there
WaPo: Janet Cooke wasn't there
And more:LATimes: The Local Liberty blog points to another possible Jayson Blairin Los Angeles.
LATimes again: Robert Scheer made it up

Let's not forget the Mirror's fake Iraq Pictures

And if that isn't enough to convince you MSM have a credibility problem, Reuters admits it has "terrible quality problems" and the BBC admits its reports are 'littered with errors'.

Sadly, they show little sign of changing their ways.

Witness the complicity of The Boston Globe and LA Times in supporting, failed presidential candidate, John Kerry's attempts to cover up his military records.

The public demand the truth, the real truth, not the media's version of it.

Reporter fakes 43 sources in 12 years.

New York Times and AP caught faking it - again.

Media lies of 2005


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All excellent points!

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