Monday, April 10, 2006

Be Prepared for a Giant Load of Crap from the MSM

In the USA there is a crap storm brewing over this.
Be prepared for plenty of misinformation and outright lies as exampled here:

Link from Secondary Screening......April 07, 2006 | Ex-AT&T Employee on NSA Wiretap Room
From Outs NSA Spy Room
From Legal Pad.......Phone Technician Suspected Illegal NSA Wiretap

Allready being reported as gospel by the MSM, CNN etc.

An ex - AT&T employee is claiming that the telecom carrier is in collusion with the NSA to spy on Americans by a vast information gathering effort. A self described civil liberties group had already started a civil suit to attack the US governments security measures.

Click on the title to link the story from Secondary Screening with credits to other sources.

Let me say this about that:
1 - The telecom carriers in north america are required by law to provide facilities in the Central Offices for law enforcement to access systems. This is called "Legal Intercept" and is governed by the laws of the land.
2 - The fact that an employee of 20 years only recently discovered this is testament to the incompetence of the employee and a pretty good indication that the security rules are being followed.
3 - The information provided by the former employee is in the form af an affadavit that contains mostly speculative statements made by that individual.
4 - Given the status of this ex-employee perhaps some speculation may include whether he was fired, layed off or truly retired as indicated in the press so far.

My assessment:

1 - The ex-employee is a fool who obviously didn't have a clue about the nature of his business.
2 - The ex- employee is motivated by revenge against the former employer.
3 - The civil lawsuit is a tool of a leftist organization that is out to create politcal embarassment.

4 - The MSM is going to blow this story WAY out of proportion without doing any fact checking.



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