Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Despair and Local Newspapers

Check out Ras's rant over at Dust my Broom or on his site : http:\\ www.thetimesofwinnipeg .ca

Poor guy ( Raskalnikov) is beyond despair at the antics of aboriginal writer to the Winnipeg Free Press, Colleen Simard.
Among Simard's many pearls of wisdom we have an unending bag of excuses for native failures coupled with plenty o' blame for the "European Imperialist" blah blah blah!
BUT, what got Raskalnikov to hurl his oats was the piece from this Monday's ish where among the usuall inane blather she invokes the names of a couple of indiandoms most overt white haters and historical revisionists....in particualar the unbelievably twisted Kahentinetha Horn.

I don't expect most of you to bother researching Horn but Ras provides some examples of her spitefull venom laced rhetoric........the POINT is that this LOCAL RAG that calls itself a newspaper needs to know just what the F**K is going on and needs to DO something about it!

So check out the posting at the very enlightening blogs of Darcy and Raskalnikov......
May you'll be interested in helping Ras out with a little support.



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