Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rights & Responsibilities

They should go hand in hand. But who allways argues for protection of the state? Who allways argues for rules that they see of benefit to themselves to be imposed on everyone else?
Who allways seeks to avoid being held accountable for their own actions or choices?

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My take:

Actually this comment " ........ that while Canadian liberals may tend to forget about responsibilities, Canadian conservatives are often just as guilty by tending to forget about rights. A balance is important."

Is just parroting the MISREPRESENTATION of the LIberal Left that conservatives care less about rights.

The FACT is that by and large Conservatives put Individual rights ahead of so called Group Rights!

The false assumption and hollow foundation of much Leftist ideology is that Groups have rights.

Our society is built on the basis of individual rights and responsibilities. Any attempt to create artificial balancing or social engineering through the adoption of the "Group Rights" invariably errodes the individuals rights as defined in our founding laws.

It is LIberals and leftists who constantly argue for the incursion of the state and the abrogation of our rights. This is the false and dangerous ideology of LIberalism and the self described progressives of the left!



Blogger Richard said...

"Our society is built on the basis of individual rights and responsibilities."

I have yet to find the Canadian Charter of Responsibilities

4/10/2006 1:03 p.m.  

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