Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Boring News......IS it just ME getting jaded?

It seems to me that lately that there is nothing much new in the News these days.
Here's a few things that are getting old:
Reporters Don't Like Harper - No Shit Sherlock! Get over it and Do your Freekin Job!
Fixed Election Dates - along with other Tory policies ( which I mostly approve of ) Great! Get on with it.
Smoking Bans Hit Ontario and Quebec - Nurse Nanny interfering Libcomsimps get their way. Again......unfortunate but not interesting.
Canada NOT at War in Kandahar - Stupid games of Semantics. Boring.
Governor General "Warned" against visiting Afghanistan - Non issue....she has no business going there anyway.
Canadians Healthier with better access to healthcare than Americans - No Shit Sherlock! But the quality of the healthcare here is crap.
Guite' contracts Crooked - Again No Shit Sherlock get on with it and put the creep in jail.
Gomery wants Politicians out of Crown Corp Operations - DUH!
Western Premiers want delay on US boarder rules - More whining from the pipsqueeks.
Its Hot in Ontario - So What?
Privacy comish' wants power to look into private firms conduct - this may turn out to be interesting!
Decision to "Fudge" Gun Reg. Rept. called "Political" - Again No Shit Sherlock! Put an end to it.

And On And On it Goes!
Maybe the MSM and all the moonbats are off sulking or maybe its the warm weather mellowing out folks. Maybe the Cabin Fever is wearing off!

BTW - So Long to Wonder Woman who has moved on to better things it seems.
Has anyone seen Duke McGoo at Dukes Place ?

I'm going outside for a smoke!


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