Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Chicken Noodle News..

I don't care to comment so much on American newss or Politics but I had a chuckle this morning I'd like to share.
It seems Sen. Joh McCain was a guest speaker at a US University convocation and he could not help but fall into his Pavlovian pattern. That would be: see a microphone start blathering about how "First I was for the War, Now I'm against it!"Blahblahblah..............

Here's the cool thing , the crowd started booing him....not for his position. Oh no!
He was getting booed for bringing his politics to the convocation. Yes! A well deserved punch to over-inflated ego! Punctuated by one students shout from the crowd " We're GRADUATING NOT VOTING HERE!" .... that really tickled me.



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