Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gary Doer....Makes a Great Chicken Little

Our Union Rep turned Premier of Manitoba figures that the imposition of Having to use a passport when you go to the states will be worse than.....Oh lets say ( and he did! ) The BSE fiasco OR the Softwood Lumber scam.
I've got news for you Mr. Doer (schmuck) ......There is absolutely no comparison.
First of all, I've been using my passport as ID since 9/11 and my family as well. Big freekin deal!

What is your problem? Do you think that you have a God given right to go wherever you want without following the rules of your hosts?

Do you think for a minute that truckers will not have theirs with them? I'll bet they already do!
I know for a fact that people in the air-transport industry have theirs with them. They've had to for at least 2 years.

Do you think that it is too much trouble for Joe Blow and his friends or family to carry a passport? Why the heck should it be?

Do you think that the Americans who come here can't get their shit together enough to carry a passport so they will have an easy time going home?

Well probably you just don't spend much time thinking in any serious manner at all Garry.

My take on this is that you see an easy opportunity to flaunt your party's anti-american bias and show off for the Foreign visitors. Cheap political BS Garry. The sky IS NOT FALLING!

Do us all a favour and STFU until you have something intelligent to say. Oh! by the way Garry just what the heck are you going to do about our provincial budget? And oh say maybe ..the freeking Floodway project that you have so thoroughly screwed up!?

Your performance on the National and International stage is nothing but an embarassment.



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