Friday, June 16, 2006

Another Case of CBC News Blowing Hard - Same Old Stuff

The CBC, Don Newman and the producers of the News .....apparently still in a Huge Love Affair with Liberal Knot Heads and all their Empty Rhetoric ....also don't know that there was an election in January or what the results of that election were.

Today I had a down day due to rain and except for a mid-day meeting and a few errands got to catch up on some home office work. As usual I had the TV on for listening. For some reason I choose CBC Newsworld and what a typical piece of crap it was. Host Newman had on Anne McClellan the FORMER MP from Edmonton ( Spruce Grove I Believe ) ......fresh from the Confab of "Progressive" thinkers somewhere in the hills of Quebec McClellen was just full of herself and mangaed to bring into the blather such gems as "The Importance Progressive Ideas" , the mistakes made by "American Progressive Democrats" ( don't know what that means but being empty of ideas is more of a flaw than a mistake in my view!) and the danger of being exposed to "Conservative Ideology" or some such.

Notice how in Liberal World "Progressives" have ideas and "Conservatives" have ideologies!

In McClellan's world of course the idea is to create a bank of catch phrases and quick quips to respond to any potential situation where the general public may have some questions. No matter there will be NO FACTS or reality to back it up ....the LIberal brain trust will have the snappy answers that will fool Joe and Jane Public quite nicely into thinking that they have real answers to real problems. Ellect me they will sya because we are your saviours....

Anyhow......aside from the usual empty blather and blind ideological crap spewing from the mouth of the Former MP.....we had host Don Newman apparently basking in the glow of the Truth and Light and judging from the beatific look on his face completely mezmerized by the experience. Unless I'm mistaken and that was merely a grimace of pain causing the facial distortions and the eyes glazed over look.
I know I felt a pang of gas pain watching this spectacle!
Then the Icing on The Cake!
The moving banner under McClellan read " Anne McClellan - Liberal MP from Alberta "!

WHAT? Went my brain- cognitive dissonance hitting hard I gathered my wits in time to read it once more before the text wound off the left side of the TV screen.....YEP that was it allright!

The CBC apparently does not know that McClellan was defeated and thrown out of office by the Voters of Edmonton on January 23 this year.....
Why oh why must the Canadian Taxpayer continue to underwrite this rancid cesspool of Liberal cheerleading and incompetent news coverage???



Anonymous Mac said...

It's the Canadian way of supporting our natural ruling party, isn't it?

We need the CBC! Who else would bring the unbridled joy of watching the Toronto Maple Leafs getting their collective faces rubbed into the ice to all Canadians? Without the CBC, Canadian culture would be swallowed whole by Americana, according to the Liberals.

American programming on Canadian TVs

TVs in Canadian cities... on cable

We're not making this up

6/17/2006 2:15 p.m.  
Blogger Zac said...

We need the CBC!

Hey Mac, not sure if you saw the recent report from the Senate communications committee, but they stated that the government should significantly increase the amount of funding to the CBC so that it can go back to being commercial free.

I'll pause for a second so you can punch a hole in the wall....

Done? Ok, good.

Actually, I don't much like that idea myself. When it comes to CanCon, I personally think the economic imperitive trumps the cultural nationalists.

6/22/2006 8:38 a.m.  
Anonymous Mac said...

Yeah, I saw it. No walls were damaged by my reaction. My heavy bag however...

This was a Senate committee. Which political party dominates the Senate again? No, don't tell me...

6/22/2006 10:36 p.m.  
Blogger Felix Taylor, Jr. said...

As I told my friend Dark Blue Tory, I say give the CBC to Ted Rogers. I am confident he'll make the network better than ever in its 50 year existence.

7/16/2006 10:01 p.m.  

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