Thursday, June 22, 2006

Everyone Is doing a Bang up Job These Days

But..I like to go further afield so lets take a look at: Davids Medienkritik

In the post entitled "Another Triumph for the European Economic Model" the Medienkritik takes a poke at the EADS consortium for the fiasco this "Great Vision of the Future" has become.

You think we've got problems with Native blackmailers forcing Cowering Politicians to pay ransom on private property? This is Nothing compared to what the Euro-Taxpayers are being bilked ( or rather are About to be Bilked ) out order to bail out the Euro-Aerospace bureaucracy.

Guess they can't actually make a monster airplane for less than Boeing after all! Or meet the timetables for making them. Or deliver finished specification models.
Cripes! This makes me ALMOST happy that I'm only supporting Bombardier with MY tax dollars.


Oh Yeah...Here's a list of best blogs and comment sources this week.
#1 - Dust My Broom....Darcy and friends at their best....On Caledonia and other Current Events
#2 - Small Dead Animals..... with compliments to Cjunk and others....Shit Happens and Current Events along with a fishing expedition to the land of Libcomsimps...the usual smattering of troll apples and non-sequiter moonbat droppings.
#3 - Duke McGoo......Takes an artistic approach to making a point! .....Good Fun.
#4 - Mick Hartley......Good posts on Chinese copycat Activism ( animal rights ) in a true story that could not have been any more finely crafted by any master of parody. Plus other good stuff.
#5 - USS Neverdock....For Keeping it Real about the war on terror and MSM Bullshit.


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