Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moonbats Are Working Hard...

H/T to SDA for this :

Ethnic Cleansing At Vancouver City Hall.....

"............As part of a "rebranding" exercise, Vancouver City Council is scheduled to consider today a report on the many "challenges" associated with the continued use by the municipality of its coat of arms as the city's main visual identity. But in truth, there is really only one challenge facing Vancouver's politicians: How do they get rid of whitey?"".................."

Yep the soft in the head crowd from the left just can't stand to recognize and stand behind tradition, history or facts.
In a make work work project to reinvent the world to suit their POV the "Progressives" need to keep working to eliminate the reminders of the past because those things do not suit the warped ideology (idiology?) of the moonbat.
In MB we have Doer and the Dippers singing about " Spirited Energy" .....Hooray!

That's right kids...don't worry about dealing with REAL problems or taking responsibility for what you have or have not done.

Just go out with your can of rainbow spray paint and try to cover up the symbols of REAL innovation and industry.

Another reason I detest these kinds of people.




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