Thursday, August 31, 2006

Those MSM Services Sure DO Have a Problem with Facts.

1 - Associated Press - reporter Robert Burns distills a Donald Rumsfeld speech made to the Amrican Legion recently.

2 - Update on this speech and its reporting in the MSM- NYtimes does similar hatchet job to spin Rumsfeld's speech: Cut And paste this URL intp the browser Address Field to see............

Blogger mcQ at posts a side by side comparison of what Burns of AP publishes as opposed to what Rumsfeld actually said.

I'll summarize myself......
Rumsfeld was making a detailed and nuanced case by drawing parallels between Islamofascists and the Nazi Fascists of the 20th century. He responded to many recent issues faced by the American forces and the people. He questions the dogma of pacifist and other critics of the US efforts to wage a war on terror.

Burns asserts that Rumsfeld was accusing critics of appeasement. Well they are for the most part but that is not what he said.

Burns writes that Rumsfeld accuses critics of Moral and Intellectual Confusion. Again. that would be a true analysis but it is not what Rumsfeld said.

And on it goes! Click on the title above or the link below to see the posting.

Kate over at SDA makes this point: AP will be used as a resource for many news "sources" across the globe. So you can expect that the world will see a very different version of what Rumsfeld says. The AP version is only Robert Burns 'Interpretation' of the speach but that is not how AP posts it. There is no qualifier on the piece by Burns to state that it is his opinion or his interpretation while a simple analysis clearly shows that it is just that.

Once again the MSM is telling the world what they think instead of what happened.

AP credibility rating going rapidly to Zero..............



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