Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Universe Just Got a Little Bit Simpler!

Well the Braintrust at the IAU ( International Astronomical Union ) finally got down to the nitty gritty after the extended gabfest over the definition of "Planet".
It seems that our distant member of the Solar System family will no longer be part of the mnemonic : Man Very Early Made Jars Stand Up Nearly (Perpendicular)

Well scratch old perpendicular! er Pluto!

It seems the poor orphan god of the underworld has a wayward tendancy that has caused the astrophysicists and astronomers to expel the waif world from the brotherhood of the conformist worlds. Time out for bad behaviour! Pluto's orbit was deemed too eratic to qualify for first rate planetary status and so has been re-branded as a Dwarf Planet by the scientific community.

Well it does make sense, given that another option being considered was to expand the definition of Planet to include a host of bodies that would be just too much to handle.

BTW - How long do suppose it will be before some fool cries fowl and claims discrimination of dwarves because of the new terminolgy? Political correctness may come into play!

In any case thanks to the IAU for making our universe a little smaller and a little simpler and the work load of grade school students that much easier.



Blogger Mac said...

I'm kinda conflicted about this one. I grew up knowing there were nine planets and now the universe seems a bit smaller. Dang.

8/24/2006 8:07 p.m.  
Blogger Duke said...

On a related topic.
If Mickey is a mouse
And Donald is a duck
And Pluto is a dog
What the hell is Goofy?

8/24/2006 9:29 p.m.  
Blogger Mac said...

I think Goofy was supposed to be a dog but in the early years, he was getting hit on by Clarabell who was a cow.

8/25/2006 12:15 a.m.  

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