Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Clinton Supporters Claim that HE "Foiled Plots" BS from the Leftwing MSM

This astounding piece from Marc at the USS Neverdock:

New York Daily News ( ) ( sorry the link won't work!)
In The NYDNews Article apparently having done it's research by reading the British left wing rag The Guardian... who took some claims of Clinton made during a private appearance at the Kennedy Center NY in 2001, is now making a number of unsubstatiated and outright false claims about how President Clinton was responsible for foiling a number of Al Qaida plots.

Marc lays it all out at Neverdock ( Click on title above to link)

This from publications who both have claimed that "Al Qaida does not exist" no less!

MSM hypocricy and outright LYING about their favorite boy!
I guess they are trying to rally behind the DEMs after the nasty way the ABC Docudrama "Path to 9/11" showed their part in the security failure of the US.



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