Thursday, September 07, 2006

Politics and Military Obligations - Spin for Political Gain ( Lying Bastards)

Recent events on the political front in Canada have clearly illustrated just how foolish and self serving many of our politicos are.

On the predictable far left we have had the NDP doing their usuall song and dance about how we need to re-evaluate our involvement ( Afghanistan). In the rainbow hued world of Jack Rabbit Layton and his group of socialist pals all things military are evil so of course if you listen to them "We must get out of the war!" is the theme. Of course they cannot restrain themselves from connecting that idea to "We must separate ourselves from American policy!" The cheap and senseless hatred of all things capitalistic and democratric is part and parcel of the socialist psyche.

But this week thanks to some leaked platform resolutions from the NDP playbook we discovered just how warped and spitefull the dipper mentality has become. The offending item was an anti-war resolution that with undisguised contempt for our Canadian military that went so far as to use the word terroristic to describe what our forces do!

Although this resolution stood little chance (one would hope) of being adopted and although the NDP have retracted and modified the resolution after considerable and justified criticism, the fact that it was put into motion in the first place tells us all we need to know about the NDP.
They are too married to their socialist ideology and too involved in their own childish world view to be trusted in any way shape or form to speak for Canadians on the world stage.

The Liberals were also running true to form on the military issues. In other words there were as many positions as there are would be leaders of the party. Again illustrative of fact that the party and the majority of its members cannot be trusted.

Lastly the Mainstream Media who while happy to jump on the anti-war rhetoric of the jackass Layton and desperate to interview any Liberal they could were still supplying their own continual drip of anti-war, anti- US, anti-conservative sentiment. Also this week the libcompsimps of the MSM were completing the circle of their self serving missrepresentation of reality by quoting other blatantly unfactual reports as fact and proof of widespread disapproval of actions in the Middle East and and alswhere.

Today I found this :
Excerp from CP article by John Ward
( Click on title above or link below to see the piece )

"" ......OTTAWA (CP) - Recent combat deaths in Afghanistan have shocked many Canadians, but analysts say the country was warned a year ago that this could happen.

Last fall, as the military prepared for their new mission in Afghanistan, both Gen. Rick Hillier, the chief of the defence staff, and Bill Graham, then the Liberal defence minister, delivered a number of speeches warning about a tough mission and telling Canadians to expect casualties.

"They certainly told people that this was going to be a different type of mission and people either weren't listening or didn't pay attention," said David Bercuson director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary........ ""

Exactly! There was never any secret or any attempt by the Canadian armed forces or the responsible ministries to play down the risks or consequences of the Afghan mission or any other ongoing involvements.

This clearly proves the hypocricy of Layton and the Dippers who knew from the getgo, the facts of the matter and yet choose to undermine our efforts to meet our national commitments for an opportunity to spout their self righteous socialist dogma.

Ditto for the Liberals who know damned well that they were the ones to enter into this commitment and infact were the very same (Graham was defence minister) ones warning Canadians of the scope and risk of the operations.

And as for the MSM....the repeating theme in every major media outlet is negative. Much of it untrue and misrepresented and overwhelmingly aimed at creating discontent in the public.

All three of these groups are working hard to convince the public that we were kept in the dark, misinformed and that the obligation we have undertaken is somehow tainted because it aligns with the very same obligations and policies of our allies and neighbours.
And, all three of these goups know very well that they are LYING for the sake of their own agenda.

Just more proof that you cannot trust the MSM the Liberals or the NDP and that you should be outraged when these people claim to speak for Canadians and Candian values.
Unless of course you believe that self serving deceipt and hypocricy happen to be Canadian values!



Blogger Cherniak_WTF said...

So what to you make of O'Connor stating "We cannot eliminate the Taliban".
What was the point of little Steve's adventure if we cannot win?

If the expectation and goals where not set up from the outset (so much for that debate thing), why are you surprised that some are not as hawkish as you are?

It's odd how debate within the Liberals translates into "cannot be trusted"....
So basically the Libs should be good little foot soldiers and let Big Daddy Harper make all the decisions for us?

9/08/2006 1:18 p.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

Surprised ! No......

9/10/2006 7:21 p.m.  

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