Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is Just So Precious..............

WASHINGTON (AP) - "The European Union should take the lead in promoting respect for human rights internationally because the United States, its reputation sullied by harsh treatment of insurgents and suspected terrorists, has forfeited that role, a leading rights group said Thursday."

Top of the list above China, Russia, Egypt, North Korea ............

Yep The Good Old U S of A is Top Dawg in the abuse of human rights!
And of course they cannot leave Israel of the sir! The way they treated those nice Hamas and Hezbola folks!

Oh yeah.... That "Leading Rights Group" .... Human Rights Watch !

Sure they want the EU to take the lead.....the do nothing dhimis, socialist assholes and world class hypocrites of the EU are the perfect role model for the folks at HRW........ Maybe they should relocate their headquarters to Brussels !





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