Sunday, May 27, 2007

F1 Weekend - Monaco the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo

A very interesting race considering the venue! Now that the Real F1 season has begun it's looking very good for the rookie sensation Lewis Hamilton.

I'm not a fan of the traditional race in the seaside home of millionaires for a number of reasons.
Foremost being that it is impossible for the cars to reach their potential in the confines of those city streets. That being said, there is plenty of opportunity for the drivers to make or break their race and sometimes even their careers at this his event.
The fact that is absolutely necessary to achieve a first or second row position to have a good shot at the critical first corner makes the competition in qualifying more crucial here that at any other event of the Grandes Prix season. The pressure is on from the get-go and does not let up.
The fact that so many races are LOST in the first turn or three at Monaco keeps the pressure on the drivers.

This years event was clean and the script played out as favoring the 123 qualifiers who finished ..... 123! And that's the problem with Monaco!

Barring some outlandish turn of fate or outrageously aggressive driving the race is essentially over after the first lap is completed. Virtually all passing and position changes occur because of race strategy and pit performance. The early retirement of the unfortunate or those not up to the task on this day is the other "highlight" of the event!

The way things are, what The Monaco event works out to be is a very high speed parade that follows a very fierce couple of days of jockeying for position, that is held on some of the most high priced and exclusive real estate in the world!
And that is what it boils down to! Pomp, pageantry and exclusivity!

Give me Indy, Illes De Notre Dame, Silverstone, Monza or Spa any day over this show for the benefit of the very elite and very bored!


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