Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday - Rain and Work

What happens over the weekend to ease the stress and aggravation of the past weeks toils is often more than enough to get us on the right track and in the right frame of mind to get a productive start on the new week! Sometimes however, that grey sky and wet stuff spoils the mood!

Plans to get out and about running errands or just taking care of a few outdoor projects get scrapped. Who wants to go running around to meetings on a miserable day?

Well, at least the fact that there is little reason to get distracted by warm sunny weather gives us a Glass Half Full opportunity to focus on the office tasks that have been getting somewhat neglected.

So that's it today! Focus .... keep the nose to the grindstone and such!

Forget the news, the election campaign and all the other distractions.

Coffee's made and there's work to be done.

Good day to clean the office and get some research done!



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