Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Too Many Humps to Get Over!

Wednesday is Hump Day and I thought that I had the will to blindly ignore all those irritating people who insist on being as boils on the ass of humanity for this week!

Then I got bored and went looking for trouble .... of course finding it too! .... On the pages of various bloggers. Which led me to this:

Anti Semite Professor calls critics - Ignorant Illiterate Islamophobes

An excerpt:

"He wrote that the university administration uncritically accepted the Holocaust-denial label “concocted by the Simon Wiesenthal Center [a Jewish human-rights organization] and the [U.S.] Jewish Defence League and peddled by media outlets such as The Globe and Mail.”"

Of course it couldn't have anything to do with all the "Ignorant- Illiterate" bloggers who took the time to write to ST. Francis X to let them know what WE thought!!

Your "reputation" has been impugned you say?

I'd say more like "Well Clarified " !!

Poor Poor Victim Prof. Dossa! I say that you deserve every bit of scrutiny and criticism that comes your way.
For You I proclaim are "Hump of The Week!"

LGF - "Because if you don’t hate Jews with a blind unreasoning passion, you must be Islamophobic. And if you criticize someone who does hate Jews, and doesn’t even try to hide it, you’re just like Joseph McCarthy."
Some Writing of Dossa

Irony from the PoliSci Faculty of StFX

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