Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CBC Has New Season of "Political Turmoil" Planned!

So CBC News has apparently decided that we are about to experience "Another Season of Political Turmoil"!

I was watching CBC Morning News today and caught a segment where the breathless and emotional interviewer made an astoundingly theatrical performance while spoon feeding the guest all the scripted talking points he could handle.

The guest was of course a Social Activist (in this case from Toronto) with an axe to grind about how law enforcement policies have been proven not to work and of course we need to get to root causes in order to understand a solve the problems that lead to gang and gun violence. So we Must Of Course expend more ..... money...more effort .... more programs .... more research..... more agencies..... more resources .... blah blah blah ! Cut to the chase please CBC you want more money for more useless tools to exercise feel good activities .... so more useless tools like that activist can feel good ABOUT THEMSELVES!

And Never Never Ever admit that the core problem is the Culture of the community in question.

Standard fare for the tax subsidized commissariat for "progressive" ideology and propaganda.

However, As an additional treat ....... The Ceebs give us a preview of their plans for the summer season's programming and themes for "News" !

In my effort to get background on this show and people involved I found this:

"Reporting outdoors from a different location every day, Colleen Jones will have the latest weather forecasts throughout the show. Sporting a different cap, Colleen will also keep on top of breaking sports developments with wrap-ups every hour. Danielle Bochove will update economic and business news twice every hour as North America's business day breaks.....As another season of political turmoil in Canada unfolds."

In the program description on the CBC website! Link: CBC Morning News




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