Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Happened to the Danica White?

The Danish freighter ship that was waylaid and taken to Somalia by "pirates" on June the First!

Apparently the owners are 'negotiating' with the kidnappers (Thieves and Terrorists) who are holding the five Danish crew members. Word from Denmark is that despite efforts to keep the negotiations secret there are leaks that make it into the Danish media or public. Every leak has been passed quickly to the captors through members of the immigrant community in Denmark!

The MV Danica White and its five Danish crew members were carrying building materials from Dubai to Kenya when it was seized off Somalia in the world's most dangerous waterway. As of June 25th the news was that food had run out in that ship and there is no water. The vessel's generator had apparently broken down, so its water purification equipment also failed. Just days after the Danica was captured, a U.S. Navy warship destroyed three small pirate boats being towed behind it, but was forced to abandon the chase after it entered Somali waters.
Attacks on vessels have increased since a Somali Islamist movement that had imposed a 'semblance of order' for about six months was ousted in January of '07.

As of June 4th there had been more than 10 attacks in the area recorded by maritime authorities. Three other ships -- a Taiwanese fishing boat and two from Tanzania -- are currently being held by Somali pirates. The captors killed one Taiwanese sailor after his vessel's owners refused ransom demands.

FYI - the history of Land and Sea Piracy in the region goes back a couple of thousand years!

Africa has so many fine traditions to respect and protect! No?

Where's the MSM!


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