Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who's Taking Offence? And ..... Why?

A little piece with a curious Headline caught my eye this morning.

Paul Berton writes at the Sun about the New Simpsons Movie and goes off on an apparent rant about blogging and ranters (irony?) .... and how that all somehow makes his life more difficult! At least that's what I take away from it. Anyhow .... I found a few interesting comments in the piece.

News to me that there's a "Simpsons" movie on the way .... but aside from that writer Paul Berton seems to have an interesting take on public opinion and criticism.
The article talks about how there's always one group or another to take a position of being offended by just about anything in the news or the public sphere in general. Note that Matt Groening certaininly wants that controversy.

But the writer takes a strange twist on how public opinion manifests itself:

"And for the rest of us, whatever happened to research, healthy skepticism, genuine curiosity, or even watching the movie? There's simply no time. The bloggers are running away with it and we must say something now."

Who's 'Us' ? Bloggers are forcing you to say something before you can do research?? Hmmm!

"The media encourage, consumers demand, subjects expect and in the end, we all deserve a good healthy debate. It educates and enlightens."

Subjects Demand? Hmmm! Not sure what that means but the bit about debate makes sense.

"But when legitimate debate is drowned out by the malicious cacophony of ill-considered criticism in a world where ranting and raving (and blogging) is in vogue, the only winners are the media and those selling the issue of the day."

Ranting and Raving Bloggers! Hmmm!

I wonder where Berton sees himself in this?


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