Thursday, August 09, 2007

Europe Proposes Sports Car Ban!!??

Ok It's late and I'm tired but when I stumbled across an article from Daily Tech My brain just went into some kind of buzzing sort of alarm state ......


With about a hundred million freekin little econobox sedans being thrashed around Europe by people who seem hellbent on making tiny clutches suffer and burn in hell for the sins of their owners... these same folks who seem as a whole to be determined to make the same vehicles that are usually capable of 30 to 40 mpg use more gas than a freeekin Dodge Hemi truck ..... these same hordes of tempermental full time road ragers who are paying 7 bucks a gallon for the privilege of dumping the waste from leaded fuel into the atmosphere of Europe's cities and country side!!!

These people are proposing to BAN SPORTS CARS!!!?????

Give ME a Break ALREADY..........


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