Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gone Fishin' - Saturday

Summer Time .... and the livin' is easy... Cat Fish are jumpin' ...... with that tune running through my head Shere Khan (Dust My Broom) and me from here got busy with a day of fishing on The Red River just a little north of Selkirk .....

I was reminded of the Joe Peschi/Danni Glover movie with that title for some reason..

Not that Shere Khan or I had any slapstick gaffs or comic pratfalls to report.

Well... maybe just the little oversight of forgetting a tie down that kept the boat attached to the trailer when we were launching ...... BUT Hey !! Stuff happens when it's 06:00 and the Tim's hasn't kicked in yet!! Right??!!

Ok ... I am not making fun of Shere here but poking some fun at myself because I did stand there watching the trailer floating sideways with the boat ..... away from the dock with only a single ..... ? wtf ?.... completely failing to connect the dots as to the possible causes of this abnormal behaviour by a trailer! :)

No harm done and we got launched by 06:20 without any other drama.....

(Embigenclicken pictures for better detail!)

As we settled in on a nice quiet spot and the sun climbed high enough to shine over the banks and burn off the mist ..... we started to see a few wild friends. A family of three (yes 3 can you spot them all here?) deer came down the the west shore for a morning drink! Mom and two Bambi's......

Earlier there was a sandhill crane nearby but with the mist we couldn't get a picture.

Later on a Red Tailed Hawk and also a Bald Eagle!

The Catfish were jumping all day and no bugs to be seen. It was a lazy day and the only thing keeping me from having a snooze was that other guy catching all the fish!

This cagey guy was edging closer with every pass as he meandered around our stringer!

Day's End .... 18:00hrs! That's 12 hours in the boat gone by like a cat nap on a mid summer afternoon!

Day's catch .... the take home! Shere was catching them at about 10 to 1 for my efforts.
Not that it mattered though .... this was a really great day that went way too fast.

Thanks Bud!
More Pictures Here*


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Anonymous Shere Khan said...

Was all my pleasure!

The wife and kids are leaving for the farm Tuesday and are gone until Thursday....what are you doing after work??

8/26/2007 5:54 p.m.  

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