Monday, August 06, 2007

Not Much to Say..........

Went to the beach at Twin Lakes Beaches near St. Laurent....

Forgot the darned camera so nothing to show for it except more miles on the old Truck and a bunch of empty beer cans! Cans you say? Well yes..... because they chill the fastest on ice in a cooler!
Nothing fancy to quench the thirst when you're buying beer at the St.Laurent store so it's LabLight and keep it cold pal.

So the Manipogo Festival was on and it's Metis Days.... I wanted to keep in the max relax zone on the beach so kept the sightseeing stuff to a minimum.... there were fiddlers ... there was some bannock and fried fish ... there was corn on the cob to be had over in the town.

Sunday at the cottage had free beer ( for me thanks Rob&Joanne!) and grilled smokies and European style wieners from my favorite butcher shop Millers Meats om St. Mary's road in the Peg. Fresh buns, corn on the cob and a killer Caesar Salad with uber garlic and tons of mozzarella. After hours splashing around in the surf a on really windy day with a west wind ripping in at about 30 klicks with hot sun and fun waves a hearty an simple meal was just what the doctor ordered!




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