Monday, August 13, 2007

What A Great Weekend!

Well my old friend Don who I worked with for about 15 years has hit the milestone 50th year for himself. His wife Terri put on a big todo (supposed to be a surprise) that involved a whole lot of people and about 7 deep fired turkeys.

On the way to Sandy Bay I stopped to get our old friend Barry at the family farm near Tyndall.

I just love this spot in the yard!

After a short drive up the end of 59 hwy we arrived at the scene:

Those are the deep fryers waiting for the birds!

A short walk to the shore provided a visit with some wildlife. Loons were busy fishing with the backdrop of Elk Island across the channel in the lower end of Lake Winnipeg

Plates were piled high at the feast and after supper we played guitar and sang Johnny Cash songs until Midnight. A few stragglers talked old times and new plans until 2 AM and that was the day!

Thanks friends! And congratulations Big Don!


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