Friday, September 14, 2007

$100 Million Dollars !

And the cancellation of ALL the 2007 Constructors Points for F1.......

That's the price that F1 and The World Motorsport Council put on the collection and distribution of Confidential Team Ferrari data that was stolen by a couple of Ferrari employees and passed on.

Although the McLaren team says they did not use any of the information to gain an advantage this would be a moot point.
Moot, because the act of corporate espionage was already determined to be factual and the FIA already had allowed the 'mea culpa' from the parties involved to stand based on that assertion without penalty to the team McLaren .
So when it was subsequently revealed that the information had been distributed among team members the only conclusion to be drawn was that Ron Dennis (the team principle) and the McLaren staff had not been completely truthful.

The good news for McLaren is that the monetary fine may yet be reduced and both drivers ...
Defending F1 Champion Fernando Alonso and F1 rookie sensation Lewis Hamilton will keep their hard earned Driver's Championship standings of 1st and 2nd (to date).

NOW .....
This being Formula One ..... conspiracy theories abound.
Insiders acknowledge that espionage is practiced consistently as teams seek to gain technical and tactical information from each other. Some of this is even above board with cooperative deals and information sharing in specific areas. BUT it is certainly NOT only McLaren that gets approached by members of other teams hoping to trade information for money or positions.
It is illegal! But it is also common.
How many other investigations have been made by the FIA?
Speculations Abound :
1- Ron Dennis, Team McLaren head honcho is the head of the constructor's association.
He has been at odds with megalomaniac F1 Head Honcho Bernie Eccleston over a number of
issues! This leading some to ponder whether there is an element of retribution that goes
well beyond the actual issue of spying.
2 - It was a put up job by Ferrari! The team with it's long history of suspected Machiavellian
machinations somehow motivated the two employees to act as the bait in a 'Trojan Horse ' operation.
3- Any combination of the above including participation in the plot by the big spending
Toyota and Honda teams who are blowing through money faster than anyone else
with little hope of seeing any reward through the pointis system with a clearly dominant
team taking home all the bacon all the time!

But these are just products of the rumor mill and sticking to facts alone we have McLaren acting in self interest and breaking both F1 rules and civil laws.
They could still end up facing charges!

IMO - The $100 million fine is going to go away and so it should, because losing the constructor's championship will cost them that much anyway. I see the combination as being overly punitive.

AHHHH ..... If only we could get through a season of F1 racing with no drama but the racing itself!!



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