Monday, September 10, 2007

Starting the Week With a Bang!

Bombs in Mexico and BS in the media....

Well this morning's news round up is a real feast of MSM drum banging for the usual causes.
Lot's of anti-war / anti-US baloney from all the usual lefty types ( no shortage of space or air time for these folks) CP / Reuters / AP / and all the networks and downstream publications continue to spread the WORD according to the self appointed shapers of opinion.

You know - Iraq Surge NOT working- things are much worse than people are saying, Bush is lying again/still ...... blah blah..... Brian Mulroney Badmouths Libs - won't admit his own wrongdoing.... Stephen Harper "Coy" about his hometown ( Like it's a secret or something that he was born in Toronto!) ..... CP Reports Yeah Whatever!

And here's AP 's efforts to rewrite history .... H/T to USS Neverdock

And of course the Really Important Stuff - Britney Spears Sucks!




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