Monday, September 17, 2007

This Is Education?

From the land of Fruits and Nuts - Kalifornia.... (H/T to Stop the ACLU)

"One often hears that government schools in totalitarian nations brainwash their children to love the government. People in free nations decry that as oppressing the free will of innocent children, and rightly so. In American schools, however, just the opposite is true as with the case of an anti-American teacher in a public school in Chico, California who hates this country so much that he sent a letter home to his student’s parents urging them to renounce their citizenship in the U.S. as he announced he was so doing."

This Disgrace
will not be the only case you hear of this sort of Leftarded proselytizing ... everything that begins in Kalifornia ends up finding acceptance with some people and happening here....... everything!


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