Monday, October 15, 2007

Canadian Eh?

From an item in the Winnipeg Freep ( pointed out by SDA commenter Ron in Kelowna)

North Dakota Snowmobile Dealer
Ron Thompson, owner of Gateway Sports in Grand Forks... Has been ORDERED by Bombardier Canada to STOP selling machines to Canadian Buyers.

Now just to make a couple of things perfectly clear:
1 - Grand Forks is less than 2 hours from Winnipeg and might as well consider all of Manitoba part of its market.
2 - Bombardier has be subsidized by Canadian Taxpayers for it's entire existence.

That's a damned shame Ron! I'd like to see you sell all the machines that you can!

BUT .... perhaps you'd be happier with a company that was less inclined to screw over their customers and dealers!

I'm suggesting that anyone who WAS or still Might Be considering the purchase of a Bombardier product reconsider.

As for the US market .... Yamaha and Arctic Cat and Polaris are good choices and do not involve any of our domestic trough hogs....


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