Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CBC Follows the Path of BBC

Well the clowns at CBC are proudly wearing their Ass Hats yet again.......
Like the useful idiots they are!

The group Honest Reporting Canada is pointing out another lame and disingenuous bit of "reporting" in the form of a rebroadcast of an Al Jazeera feature on Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli jails.

The piece itself was done by an ex -BBC reporter Jacky Rowland who herself is part of the cultural contribution of the Beeb to the Arab network where the BBC provides Leftists expert in the art of dissemination and Al Jazeera gets to put a European face and some slick polish on their propaganda.

Of course the Palistinians are regaled as brave fighters in the resistance and no mention is made of the fact that these are people who are in jail for planning, attempting and executing the murder of Israeli citizens among other things like weapons smuggling, armed robbery, kidnapping, extortion, drug smuggling and dealing and human trafficking. Scumbags of the first order.

And of course CBC makes no effort to provide background on the report or it's creators!

Al Jazeera - The BBC - and the CBC would have you believe that the prisoners were just innocent folks picked up on the street or nabbed from their beds by jackbooted Israeli Defense soldiers for no reason at all.....

Click on the link to Honest Reporting and check out the article!

Learn More about BBC Al Jazeera Connections at USS Neverdock! You may be shocked....


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