Sunday, October 21, 2007

F1 - Finale 2007 - Drivers Champion ... The underdog!

Last race of the the year decided who would win the drivers championship and the least likely of the possible contenders turned up trumps!
Kimi Raikkonen did it with a little help.

First he had an assist from rookie sensation Lewis Hamilton who only needed a 7th or better to win .... but obligingly took himself out of the front from a P2 qualification by delivering a weak start.
He was passed by Raikkonen from P3 on the first turn then by his teammate within the next couple of bends.

Lewis then drove off the track early in the race, taking himself from from P4 in the race to 7th or so. All in all it looked like the pressure of F1 got to him in a big way!

After Lewis's series of gaffs there was a second assist courtesy of Team McLaren. When the Mercedes powered car had a control system hiccup that put Lewis back to 17th or so. Add to this fiasco the sorry shape of second drivers champ contender Fernando Alonso's McLaren which was on it's second race with the same engine and forced the contender to baby the car for the entire race.

Now pole sitter and Ferrari #2 man Phillipe Massa basically had this race in the bag and this is where things really got spoiled. The team is not allowed to have "Team Orders" in place and if they would have been "seen" to have commanded Massa to allow Raikkonen to pass him would have forfeited probably the the drivers championship win and the constructors prize as well.
Which would have been ironic after the FIA's previous drama the had taken the prize from McLaren who'd had a lock on the prize over some industrial espionage involving a Ferrari engineer and the British team. But I digress....
Any way ... the Ferrari boys orchestrated a superb little performance in the pit sequence late in the race that did allow Raikkonen to pass Massa for first place with about 10 laps to go.

Thus with all the drama possible Ferrari takes the 2007 championship for the Car and for it's #1 driver.


Politics..... scheming.......bad planning.... on track hijinks...... what a season!

Can't wait to see what happens next year....
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