Friday, October 05, 2007

Ozone and Pulp Science!

Ok ... this particular Study seems to make sense. But, try comparing the effects of exposure to fumes from hydrochloric acid or similar extremely powerful oxidants and corrosive gases!
A little bit may kill bacteria and cause mild irritation ... a lot will burn your mucus membranes and destroy your immune system.

Frankly I don't see any reason for surprise here......

This is just one big reason why swimming pools used for olympic events may not use chlorine.
In other areas of study children who have been exposed to the air in chlorinated indoor pools for extensive periods ( young future Olympians?) have been found to have lung damage resembling lifetime smokers!

The article has some other interesting O3 related links though.....

FWIW - The Ozone ( O3 ) most commonly found in our urban environs is 99.99% generated by internal combustion. And the levels we are exposed to are very small.

Pure O3 can be generated using simple electrical fields and this is a powerful means of sanitation for pools and other applications. The O3 dissipates quickly and leaves NO residual toxicity.
This is THE best solution for swimming pools and should be mandatory to replace or at least reduce chlorine usage.


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