Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just Gossip and Other Worthless Stuff!

Did You Hear?

That Heather Mills - ex wife of Former Beatle Paul McCartney - who is in the process of trying to gouge him for as much of his substantial fortune as she possibly can ( and that's a LOT$) - Has announced that she thinks the rich are " Snobby and Stingy " ?? Yep too cheap to buy mirrors for those Scottish Estate Castles - Perhaps Heather is just a little too stupid And self absorbed to notice the IRONY!

That Harry Belafonte - the 80 year old once great entertainer who helped to popularize calypso music in America - received an International Diversity Award from the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews at a gala in the Toronto - Yes and he had "High Praise for Canada! - But isn't this the same Harry who has made numerous anti-American diatribes and is essentially a white hating black racist - who has also made many public comments about the evil of Israel and seems to suffer from an extreme form of Bush Derangement Syndrome much like Rosie O'Donnel has displayed ?? - I think we can do without praise or anything else to do with Mr. Belafonte.....

That some Hollywood bimbet - Lost Her Credit Card the day she got it? - Sorry... already forgot her name!

That Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition - French Citizen - Son of a Professor - Thinks he grew up - POOR? - Boo Hoo !

The SPICE GIRLS - Yes THEM - are without a support act for the U.K. leg of their world tour - after Danish pop group ALPHABEAT refused to perform with them ? - Makes my level of respect for Dansish pop groups go up about 1000% ! ( what's 10 times Zero?)

That the Hottest Property in Toronto - is being built by a Kazahkstan-based developer called Bazis International? - prices started at about $750 a square foot and they use what they call a "pecking order or a Darwinian approach" to real estate where they make well heeled agents and investors wait in line outside the building's sales office for up to days!! Darwinian Eh? - Something about being made into chimps comes to mind.....

That the Commonwealth Summit - being held in Uganda this year will be providing "Love Zones" ? - Yep! Ugandan Whores providing a very interesting perspective on AIDs .... Real Good Idea!


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Blogger John J. Kaiser said...

All that money and she can't buy a new leg. Harsh I know, but true. HA!

11/23/2007 8:55 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

I think she's a bit unbalanced....

11/23/2007 9:37 a.m.  

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